Plucked from obscurity An aristocratic adventurer's pursuit of the ultimate exotic flower brings him more than he bargained for in Jill Marie Landis's The Orchid Hunter.

Trevor Mandeville's hunt brings him to the steamy jungle of an African island where he finds Joya Penn, the identical twin of his adopted sister, Janelle. Like the exotic flowers she harvests, Joya is far more tenacious than her fragile appearance. When Trevor brings her back to London, she must discover the secrets of her past in order to understand the mysterious truths of her island upbringing. For Trevor, the challenge seems to be taming the exotic woman he has brought to his hothouse world. Yet Joya proves that her true value is holding fast to her exotic roots. Jill Marie Landis's joyous storytelling always delivers the perfect blend of colorful realms and people who work their magic deep in the heart.

Sandy Huseby writes and reviews from Fargo, North Dakota and Nevis, Minnestota. She is online at

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