Molly Ivins the Terrible

That title is meant as a true compliment. Molly Ivins, sharp-eyed, sharp-tongued, smart, and super-savvy, makes another foray into the political fray with Shrub: The Short but Happy Political Life of George W. Bush, written with Lou Dubose. Ms. Molly, who reads with her best Texan twang, warns us at the get-go that there will be no sex, no drugs, no Siggie Freud. Instead she simply, but scrupulously, looks at the record a tried, true, time-tested, and pretty much infallible method of judging a politician. In politics, she reminds us, past is prologue or, as I prefer to think of it, the dirt is in the details, and the details, alas, are all here. Starting with young George's oil business experience, she goes on to closely examine his performance as governor of Texas. If elected, Bush has promised to do for the rest of the country what he has done for Texas and that's just what Molly is worried about. If you're a fan of W's, this tape is not for you.

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