An eye for an eye John Corey, the quintessential tough NYPD detective, with the quintessential New York mouth and the attitude to match, last heard from in Nelson DeMille's Plum Island, is back on the scene in DeMille's latest, fast-paced, action-laced thriller, The Lion's Game (abridged, $29.98, 1570426600). The lion is a Libyan terrorist whose cunning, cut throat game is murder and whose motive is revenge, big time. The whys and wheres unfold as Corey and Kate, his good-looking blonde partner (and maybe more) on the Anti-Terrorist Task Force chase the lion from coast to coast, trying desperately to snare this bold killer before he hits his final target. Boyd Gaines gives a top-notch performance, reveling in regional accents from Brooklyn to Banghazi.

Sukey Howard reports on spoken word audio each month.

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