The next best thing to having Michael Korda in person as the charmingly urbane centerpiece for your next dinner party is listening to his charmingly urbane voice on tape as he recounts his publishing war stories and his time in the trenches with the glitterati and literati. Isn't She Great (3 hours) is an audio adaptation from his memoir, Another Life, and the title is just a tad misleading; the movie of the same name is based on Korda's funny, sad, yet appreciative account of his working relationship with Jacqueline Susann and her husband Irving Mansfield, but there are many more tales told here. As editor-in-chief of Simon &and Schuster and member in good standing of the glitterati-literati set himself, Korda can dish with the best, and he's not at all reluctant to share his experiences with a host of celebrities and renowned authors, Graham Greene and Joan Crawford among them. Nora Ephron called Susann's novel, The Love Machine, a long, delicious gossip column, and I think that suits Korda's memoir equally well.

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