Love is always an adventure Nobody writes better romantic adventure than Elizabeth Lowell. Her latest tale-spinning takes readers for a slow, sultry ride in Midnight in Ruby Bayou.

Jewelry designer Faith Donovan has little reason to trust any man until Owen Walker saunters into her life. Faith needs his security skills when she takes her jewelry designs to a chi-chi East Coast showing. She doesn't know her older brother Archer wants Owen there to guard her more than her creations.

Faith has an abundance of enemies the Russian Mafia, the New Jersey Mafia, and even the witchy government operative, April Joy all determined to separate Faith from her jewels. The suspense is lightened by the running image of where those jewels are stored.

Owen Walker is recovering from injuries and his cane proves handy for fending off the baddies, but he's left to resolve who'll protect Faith from him. The Low Country boy from the bayou discovers his own personal agenda of staying solo is thoroughly destroyed by strong-willed Faith, who demonstrates the Donovan family courage and determination to risk all for love and treasure.

Midnight in Ruby Bayou (Audio, $35.95, ISBN 1567403573) is tempered with heat and passion as fiery as the gems Faith Donovan makes into priceless art. Elizabeth Lowell imbues her story with that same enthralling fire.

Sandy Huseby writes from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota and lakeside near Nevis, Minnesota. She is online at

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