Horsing around Robert B. Parker sends Spenser into an equine environment in Hugger Mugger. But here the emphasis is definitely on finding the perps and piecing together a complicated puzzle. Someone has been shooting horses at Three Fillies Stable in LaMar, Georgia, for no apparent reason, and wealthy owner Walter Clive would like our Boston-based-brainy-bruiser to find out who it is. But, shortly after Spenser sets foot on Southern soil, Walter himself is shot and killed. With Penny, the youngest and smartest of Walter's three daughters controlling farm, funds, and family, Spenser is looking at a horse of a different color. Penny doesn't want his services, so he takes on the case for Walter's long-time mistress. Spenser, ever the droll, deadly detective, gets to the bottom of this sordid case, quipping all the way. Joe Mantegna doesn't have the Spenserian sound I'm used to hearing, but his style grows on you, and by the end I was ready for more. Sukey Howard reports on spoken word audio each month.

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