Most everybody who can draw a breath knows of the legend that is Elvis Presley. Elvis the swivel-hipped rock'n'roller, Elvis the Army dude, Elvis the movie star, Elvis the overweight drug-abuser, whatever. What most people are not aware of (I certainly wasn't), is Elvis's career as a private investigator. Kill Me Tender: A Murder Mystery Featuring Elvis Presley by Daniel Klein chronicles the (presumably) fictional episode in the life of The King, in which chapter leaders of the Elvis Presley fan club are being systematically murdered in a very unusual manner. Elvis must work outside the constraints of the law and the forensic medical community, first to determine exactly how the girls are being killed, then to identify the killer and bring him (or her) to justice. Deftly woven in are details of Graceland, Priscilla before the wedding, Colonel Tom, and the entire Elvis entourage. Not just for Elvis fans, but truly a good-natured look at the star, the times, and the segregated South.

Bruce Tierney is a Nashville-based writer and mystery aficionado. He'll recommend the best in mysteries each month in a new column, Whodunit?

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