Travel the road of imagination Survival takes a different turn in Judith Gould's Time to Say Goodbye. Joanna Lawrence confronts her own mortality and decides to give her beloved husband, Josh, one final gift.

That gift is a grotto created within the walls of a stone barn as a sanctuary tribute to their love. The gift will come with one special addition the grotto's creator, April Woodward.

A loving wife's well-intended plan has repercussions, though. How can Josh turn to another woman's arms while he's mourning the love of his life? Josh must also confront the competitor who seemingly will go to any length to take over the orchid farm he'd worked so hard to build with Joanna.

Judith Gould tells a powerful story of love and loss and love that transcends loss in this one keep your hanky handy! Sandy Huseby writes and reviews from her homes in Fargo, ND and near Nevis, MN.

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