Tense time When Dr. Will Jennings starts to pray that his little girl is still alive midway through this 10-hour, nerve-racking, nail-biter, you'll be praying with him. That's because Greg Iles has packed enough tension-drenched terror and tight plot twists into his latest super-duper-thriller-diller, 24 Hours, read by the always able Dick Hill, to keep those icy fingers racing up and down your spine. It may only be 24 hours, but for the family targeted by a maniacally clever psychopath, it's an agonizing eternity. His plan is simple: kidnap the kid, threaten the father, sexually abuse the mother, get the money, and run. It's worked five times before, why not once more. The "why not" turns out to be Will and his wife Karen, two people this monster hasn't counted on.

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