A fabulous find for foodies Ever wonder where chefs go when they eat out, what they look for in a restaurant and what we can learn from approaching food as they do? Wonder no more because Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page, authors of the award-winning Becoming a Chef, have interviewed 100 of America's top chefs and asked them not only where they eat out, but why they eat out in Chef's Night Out. Most chefs agree that eating in someone else's establishment trains the palate, sharpens appreciation for technique and often inspires. They don't necessarily seek the sleek or the top trendissimos; some frequent the well-known, but others prefer the offbeat or yen for the best in local sushi, oysters, pizza or pastrami. Many want to get away from the flavors they work with every day and experience the fresh, bright combos of ethnic cuisine from around the world that now can often be found around the corner. There's a section on "How To Taste," offering "10 Steps to Educating a Palate and Becoming a Better Cook" (if you don't know what a food or a dish is supposed to taste like, you're cooking in the dark), and a section on "How To Dine" with the discrimination and appreciation of a chef. Then comes the main course the guide to the chefs' favorite eateries in 28 cities across the country. More than 500 restaurants are included, so don't leave home without checking in with the pros on eating out. That way, every trip can be a culinary journey.

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