Did she or didn't she? When we last left Stone Barrington, former NYPD detective turned lawyer, he'd solved his case but lost his great love, Arrington (yes, if they ever hook up, she'll be Arrington Barrington) to movie superstar Vance Calder. At the opening of Stuart Woods' latest caper, L.A. Dead, read by virtuoso actor Tony Roberts, Calder has been shot and he's L.A. Dead-as-a-doornail. His wife Arrington is accused of the murder, and Stone, on the verge of a disastrous marriage to the willful daughter of a Mafia Don, is called in to get his old flame out of the fire. Thrown into a nest of hyper-viper Hollywood heavies, Stone finds himself barraged by buzzing phones, beauties who can't seem to keep their clothes on or their hands off him, L.A. homicide cops who are sure of Arrington's guilt and the outrageous tactics of his fiercely jealous fiancee.

Sukey Howard reports each month on spoken word audio.


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