SANDY'S SHORT TAKES Broken rules and tempting lies The Distinguished Academy of Governesses has always imposed strong standards on its ladies, but as the remaining owner, Hannah Setterington discovers such rules are made to be broken. In Rules of Attraction Christina Dodd's writing shimmers and sparkles with rare delight as Hannah and Dougald pit their mannerly wits against the unpredictable tumult love has in store.

In the seductively sultry lowlands of Savannah, ex-cop Angela Donahue confronts past betrayals while Dylan Montana fights to keep her alive and free in Jill Jones' Remember Your Lies. Desperate to know why she's being framed, Angela must depend on the one man she has the most reason to distrust. Jones crafts suspense that thrills in its twists and turns of deadly danger and spins a web of seduction with the emotions that drive Angela to seek the truth and compel Dylan to protect her.

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