The ice stuff Jerri Nielsen, stressed-out ER doctor, devastatingly divorced and separated from her teenage children, took a job as physician for a group of 41 scientists and support staff working at a remote Antarctic outpost. She loved the staggering emptiness, the black sky of the months-long arctic night, the ice-crusted dome where she lived and worked; she loved the camaraderie of the crew. In this frigid world, stripped of useless noise and comforts, she found her "perfect home." But just a few weeks after the station was absolutely sealed off for eight months, she found she had an aggressive form of breast cancer. Her plight, the risky flight to drop medical supplies and the even riskier flight to take her out made headlines and captured our attention for months. Now, she offers us the real story behind those headlines in Ice Bound: A Doctor's Incredible Battle for Survival at the South Pole, written with Maryanne Vollers and read by the author.

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