The luck of the Irish A good part of that luck is to have Maeve Binchy, who was our BookPage "cover girl" for March, writing novels about the Ireland she lives in. Her latest, Scarlet Feather, is charmingly read by Caroline Winterson in this audio presentation. As with all of Binchy's previous tales, we quickly and willingly fall into the lives of her characters. Here, we follow Cathy Scarlet and her business partner Tom Feather through a fateful year as they scramble to make their new catering business a success in thriving Dublin. Building a business is hard enough, but these two have their share of domestic problems. For Cathy the problem is a worthy, but distracted, workaholic husband and for Tom, a stunning girlfriend with grand modeling ambitions. I found myself rooting for Cathy and Tom all the way, hoping for a happy ending, but not wanting the story to end. This is Binchy at her best.

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