Memorable memoir Twonny, or Fish as he was called later, was born in prison to an unwed teenage mother and raised in a nightmarish foster home where he was never loved, never wanted. His case workers tried but didn't really understand how bad the situation was. Amazingly, Antwone Quenton Fisher made it out of those Dickensian depths without getting involved in drugs or crime; somehow he never stopped dreaming, somehow he held onto the hope of finding his family, finding his way in a world stacked against him. It took years, but ultimately he found himself. Finding Fish, compellingly read by Alton Fitzgerald White, is his story, told with candor and without self-pity. Mercifully for Fish, his saga ends on a high note and is now being made into a major motion picture by Denzel Washington. But it's an alarming story, one that should make us look harder at what can happen here amidst our plenty.

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