omance soars on wings of war After the success of The Greatest Generation and Saving Private Ryan, popular culture has savored stories of the war that split the world and the 20th century. Now the world of romance fiction joins in telling the courageous tales of the men and women who risked their lives in World War II and found love and honor as flying heroes.

Best-selling author Jill Barnett soars beyond her previous writing to new heights of storytelling in her hardcover debut, Sentimental Journey. Her story tears at the heart and evokes the sheer intensity and passion that compelled our parents and grandparents to set aside their ordinary lives to fight for freedom in hostile lands. All Red Walker ever wanted was to leave behind the Texaco station he runs on the dry Texas plains. When Charley Morrison nearly crashes her plane into Walker's gas pumps trying to avoid a deadly storm, his pent-up yearning is triggered. Half a world away, pilot J.

R. Cassidy drops into Nazi-occupied Morocco to rescue Kitty Kincaid. Finding her and extricating her from the mountainhold is the easy part. When they miss their rendezvous, the pair must escape through the sands of the North African desert. The courageous young woman matches him every step of the way, even as her blindness keeps her dependent on his eyes for survival.

For George "Skip" Inskip, deadly danger hits close to home. While he flies for the RAF, his bride, Greer, gives him reason to fight for his country. A simple act of love costs Greer her life and propels Skip to machinelike air battles and ace status.

Extraordinary heroes are called to even greater acts of bravery, and the three men unite as commandos behind enemy lines where all face their own mortality. Jill Barnett has written an epic story of the humanity and terrible grandeur of that last great war. So finely drawn are the flying aces of her story both men and women that we can only hope to see their like again. It's a heaven-sent, helluva story.

Sandy Huseby writes and reviews from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside in northern Minnesota.

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