Best-selling author Faye Kellerman is back on the scene with her latest Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus novel Stone Kiss (Warner, $25.95, 416 pages, ISBN 0446530387). It has been some 10 years since Lt. Peter Decker walked the streets of New York. He is summoned back by the murder of a distant family member and the strange disappearance of a young girl. From the outset, this case promises to be trouble, as neither the New York police nor the family are particularly pleased to have his assistance with the crime. Decker's best chance for a clue rests with someone from his past, a pornographer and part-time pimp with ties to organized crime.

Kellerman's Decker/Lazarus novels continue to be among the most popular in contemporary crime fiction; they are well crafted and tautly paced. It helps to have read the earlier ones first, as occasional oblique mention is made of past events, leaving the reader puzzled from time to time. That said, Kellerman's legions of fans will remember the references like shared memories with old friends.

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