There's comfort food and there's comfort listening, and a Maeve Binchy novel can make you just as happy and content as a warming bowl of savory soup on a cold day. Quentins, her latest well-told tale, read in a suitably soft, beguiling brogue by Jennifer Wiltsie, has all the qualities Binchy fans look for and love. The intertwined stories of love, heartbreak, disappointment and triumph center on Quentins, a Dublin restaurant that has changed with a changing Ireland, becoming more cosmopolitan and confident over the years. You'll meet its customers, staff and proprietors, finding new characters including the lovely, young Ella Brady, who falls for a charming scoundrel but ends up with a real Prince Charming and some of the wonderful characters you've met before in Tara Road and Scarlet Feather. The mix is more than satisfying.

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