<B>Tepper Isn't Going Out</B> This national bestseller from a beloved <I>New Yorker</I> contributor is a humorous tale of life in the Big Apple. Murray Tepper, a mailing-list broker in Manhattan, causes a stir by pulling into prime parking spots in his Chevy Malibu and reading the paper while time ticks away on the meter an activity that infuriates other potential parkers. It's a strange habit that draws attention to the otherwise inconspicuous Murray, and soon his family is questioning his behavior. Oddly enough, some Manhattanites begin to view him as an inspiration and gather near his favored spots, hoping he'll impart some words of wisdom. Others see Murray as an urban rabble-rouser, including the mayor, who tries to have legal action taken against him. This is a light-hearted look at New York written with Trillin's trademark wit.

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