<B>All's fair game</B> We always suspected that the glamorous world of fashion and beauty magazines was witchy-bitchy far more fascinating behind the pages than on them. Author Lynn Messina reveals the flaws and foibles of editors who reign as tyrants in her flamboyantly fun new novel, <B>Fashionistas</B>. For associate editor Vig Morgan, life behind the scenes at <B>Fashionista</B> magazine is one long exercise in masochistic frustration. So when three of her colleagues bring her a sure-fire plan to get rid of the editor-in-chief and all-around harridan, Jane McNeill, Vig is only a tad reluctant to be the plan's linchpin. And thus the epic campaign begins, as Vig coerces a semi-reluctant Alex Keller, the mysterious, tantrum-throwing events editor, to join the crusade. Messina liberally seasons her sprightly, savvy novel with the challenges of surviving in Manhattan, while delivering magnificently on the old truism of girl meets boy. <B>Fashionistas</B> is the ultimate urban fairy tale, in which the good-enough girls win.

<I>Sandy Huseby writes and reviews from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside in northern Minnesota.</I>

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