<B>Sukey's favorite: A day in the life</B> Eric Packer lives in world where "all wealth has become wealth for its own sake." Descending from his $104-million, forty-eight-room triplex, heading for his white stretch limo that glows of "cyber-capital," Eric knows two things: he's betting his megafortune against a falling yen and he wants a haircut. So starts <B>Cosmopolis</B>, Don DeLillo's brilliant, wildly satirical odyssey through the streets of New York on a day in April 2000. This is no ordinary trip across town, but nothing or everything is ordinary for this terminally egomaniacal young billionaire. Traffic is snarled by the president's motorcade (which president? Eric asks his ubiquitous security expert), then by rioting political activists, then by the funeral procession of his favorite Sufi rap artist. But that doesn't stop Eric's people his many experts, his doctor, his wife of 21 days whom he barely knows from getting in and out of the car and his "fluid reality." It's a wild ride that only DeLillo could deliver, turned into a mesmerizing audio that only Will Patton's enthralling delivery could bring off.

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