Charlotte Leone brushes aside her misgivings about her husband's lack of family ties and long-standing friendships until the day he unexpectedly vanishes, opening a door into a horrifying past of international terrorism in Jasmine Cresswell's riveting romantic thriller, Dead Ringer. A master of disguise, the man Charlotte knew as Riordan Gray is actually Daniel O'Toole, a leader of the Army of Armargh, an ultraradical Irish terror group. Thinking she's escaping the trauma of her brief marriage by moving from Iowa to Florida, Charlotte instead is caught up in a deadly game between the Armargh group and FBI officials, where there's no one to trust except the mysterious Rick Villier. Jasmine Cresswell's diplomatic background and knowledge of international intrigue enhance her storyteller's gift for a fast-paced tale of high adventure and passion.

Sandy Huseby writes and reviews from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota, and northern Minnesota.

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