Harry Bosch, the hard-boiled, tough-tender LAPD detective with lots of smarts, threatened to retire from the force last time around and has actually done it in Michael Connelly's latest, Lost Light. But, badge, or no badge, Bosch makes it clear from the get-go that his mission, to stand by the dead, is as strong as ever. Adhering to his conviction, Harry follows up on a cold case that gets hot enough to burn him or at least singe him on the edges. The murder of a young woman who worked for a movie company was never solved, and it still haunts him. The heist of $2 million from the company's movie set a few days later was never linked. Now, a scrap of new info from a quadriplegic cop makes citizen Harry reopen the case, and that gets him too close to too many people who don't want him nosing around. Narrator Len Cariou keeps the pace as the action accelerates and the plot takes some dangerous swerves.


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