Inheriting a $3 million Beacon Hill townhouse from the father she never knew unleashes a maelstrom of questions and emotions for Casey Ellis in Barbara Delinsky's evocative new novel, Flirting With Pete. Just when she thinks she's most alone her business group breaks up, her mother has been comatose for three years Casey discovers a wealth of new chances in the townhouse. But a lifetime of following her father's path, even choosing a career as a consulting psychologist, only reinforces the self-doubts that have tormented her all her life. The discovery of journal writings by a mysterious and troubled young woman named Jenny complicates the tangled issues brought to a head by the unexpected inheritance. As Casey digs into her father's life and her own history, Jordan the gardener challenges her preconceptions. Is he a temptation that will lead her astray or Adam to her Eve in this now-cherished sanctuary? To fulfill her own destiny, Casey must open herself up the way her father never did. Barbara Delinsky is a premier storyteller who finds the dramatic and profound amid everyday lives. In Flirting With Pete, she delivers a powerfully moving story of relationships and redemption.

Sandy Huseby writes from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota, and Minnesota.

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