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BookPage is a monthly book review publication distributed to more than 450,000 avid readers through subscribing bookstores and public libraries. Founded in 1988 and located in Nashville, TN, BookPage serves as a broad-based selection guide to the best new books published every month. The tone is upbeat and literate, focusing on bestsellers as well as new discoveries. All of the content from the print edition is posted on BookPage.com each month.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to recommend the best books for readers of all types, whether you're interested in literary fiction or romance, history or science fiction, cookbooks or children's books. We focus on new releases and tailor our reviews for the general reader—the true booklover always on the lookout for the next great read.

Our Staff

  • President & Publisher, Michael A. Zibart
  • Associate Publisher, Julia Steele
  • Editor, Lynn Green
  • Managing Editor, Trisha Ping
  • Associate Editor, Cat Acree
  • Assistant Editor, Lily McLemore
  • Assistant Editor, Hilli Levin
  • Children's Books, Allison Hammond
  • Contributing Editor, Sukey Howard
  • Advertising Sales, Julia Steele & Sada Stipe
  • Marketing Manager, Mary Claire Zibart
  • Subscription Manager, Elizabeth Grace Herbert
  • Production Manager, Penny Childress
  • Bookkeeper, Sharon Kozy

Where to Find BookPage

Bookstores and public libraries in 48 states subscribe to BookPage and provide it free of charge to their patrons. To find a location near you, check our subscriber list.

How to Advertise

Advertising in BookPage puts your book in front of a large national audience of avid readers who frequently buy books. For information on advertising in the print or online editions of BookPage, click here.

How to Submit Books For Review Consideration

Advance review copies should be submitted to our editorial department at least three months prior to a book's publication date. For more detailed information on submitting books, check our guidelines.