Move over dukes and vampires. These days, more and more novels are featuring cowboys (and cowgirls) as they mosey—or gallop!—along the trail to romance. What better setting is there for falling in love than under a star-filled sky, out in the expansive wide open? Here are three new city-meets-country romances that prove the old saying that opposites really do attract.

In Cowboy Seeks Bride, Dallas businesswoman Haley B. Mckay is excited about the idea of filming a modern-day version of an infamous Old West cattle drive for a reality show. When her boss insists she ride along on a test run, she’s annoyed but determined to make it through the ordeal. Rancher Dewar O’Donnell is convinced city-girl Haley won’t last longer than a day or two. Sparks fly the moment Haley and Dewar meet, and as the long days and nights roll by, their attraction becomes harder and harder to ignore. With marauding coyotes, a “guard” donkey named Eeyore and the occasional thunderstorm, life is certainly never dull on the trail, but will Haley and Dewar have a future when the 30-day test run is over? 

Carolyn Brown delivers a Texas-size romance between two endearing characters.

Author Carolyn Brown must have drawn upon her time spent living in Texas and Oklahoma, because the novel’s setting certainly feels rich and authentic. The characters are charming and endearing, and readers will no doubt be cheering for Haley and Dewar to conquer the roadblocks (or trailblocks) they encounter so that they can begin their lives together and settle into their happy-ever-after. 

New York financial adviser Evan Kincaid shook the dust of Caribou Crossing from his boots after high school and never planned to return. In Home on the Range by Susan Fox, it’s 10 years later, and Evan’s biggest client insists that he check out a potential investment in a Caribou resort ranch. Much to Evan’s shock, the head wrangler at that ranch is his childhood sweetheart, Jessica Bly. Jess is stunned to see Evan, particularly since she’s been keeping a big secret from him since he left town all those years ago. Before long, the two discover that their friendship and love never died. Both are wary and have hidden wounds, but their second chance just might enable them to face a bright future together. 

Prolific author Susan Fox paints a vivid picture of life on a guest ranch and in a small western town. Fox’s strong storytelling skills deliver a warm tale with heart that’s sure to please readers.

Florida realtor Madeline Pruett barely remembers her absentee father, so it comes as a shock when she learns he has died and left her a one-third share—the other shares belonging to two half-sisters she didn’t even know existed—in a Colorado ranch. In Julia London’s Homecoming Ranch, Madeline travels to Pine River, assuming that they’ll all agree to sell the ranch and that she’ll quickly return to Florida. But the situation is far more complicated, and it becomes evident that a swift resolution isn’t going to happen. Now, Madeline must cope with two new sisters and living on a beautiful but remote ranch. Adding to the confusing mix is hunky Luke Kendrick, whose family has ties to the ranch whom Madeline can’t ignore. 

Bestselling author Julia London has created a complicated heroine, secondary characters that are intriguing, a charming setting of small town and beautiful ranch country, and a plot that will surely delight readers.

Lois Faye Dyer writes from her home in Port Orchard, Washington.

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