Most high school graduates can't wait to get to college. They've worked hard, and now freedom, new friends and interesting classes are just around the corner. Yet, for many teens, the summer before freshman year is also a time of anxiety and uncertainty. What will their roommate be like? Will classes be much harder than in high school? Will they be pressured to experiment with drugs and alcohol? The experts at CliffsNotes are here to save the day with Living the College Life, a straightforward guide to the ins and outs of college life from the people who know it best actual college students. Author Ken Paulsen offers specific advice on packing for college, handling the first couple of days away from home and settling into a routine. The book also provides more general ruminations (with plenty of commentary from 100 collegians and recent grads from across the country) on dealing with the social scene, staying healthy (both physically and emotionally) and making the most of the collegiate experience. The first of its kind from the masterminds at CliffsNotes, Living the College Life includes everything the soon-to-be-college student needs to know.

We all know that a 10' x 15' dorm room is one of the hardest places to call home. The walls are often cinderblocks, the university-provided furniture less than ideal and, lest we forget, the space usually comes with a complete stranger. So how can a college student find inner peace when his or her dorm room is a mood killer? In the innovative how-to manual, Dorm Room Feng Shui, college student Katherine Olaksen enlists the help of Feng Shui Connections founder Margaret M. Donahue and Olaksen's aunt, Elizabeth MacCrellish, to show any college student how to transform a cell block into paradise.

Written in clear language with helpful illustrations and a touch of humor, Dorm Room Feng Shui extols the values of the ancient Chinese practice, while offering some practical applications. Olaksen explains the value of a room's chi, or energy, how to divide a room into its baguas, or separate pieces held together by a center, and shows how to achieve maximum relaxation by balancing all of a room's elements. A fun and fresh read for any on-campus resident, Dorm Room Feng Shui just might transform your living environment.

As much as it pains most parents and of course, their children to admit it, college is an all-too-perfect environment for getting into trouble. There are campus parties with readily available alcohol for students of all ages, test files that hold the answers to even the most highly guarded exams and financial temptations galore. But the main problem for most students is that they simply don't know their rights and haven't a clue how to protect themselves if they do get into a sticky situation. C.L. Lindsay III, a recognized expert in the field of student rights and educational law, aims to change all that with The College Student's Guide to the Law. With practical tips on how to interact with the police, a breakdown of a student's constitutional rights and instructions on how to deal with harassment, sexual assault and other crimes on campus, Lindsay gives students the tools they need to stay clear of trouble and make the most of their college years.

Recent college grad Abby Plesser writes from New York City.


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