The world of herbs is both intriguing and somewhat daunting for new gardeners, but Terri Dunn's 100 Favorite Herbs shows you how to begin with the best plants. This book offers a wide range of appealing herbs and offers information on whether or not you can grow a specific herb in your area. The author has chosen herbs that can be used as ornamental herbs, culinary herbs, herbs for crafts, and soothing herbs for teas and baths.

Each entry lists the ultimate size of the plant, description, bloom time, hardiness requirements, recommended uses, and culture tips. Full-color photos accompany each entry, as well as the basic techniques and terminology used in growing herbs. The author takes you from selecting your first plants, all the way through the harvesting process at the end of the growing season, but she doesn't stop there. Many herb gardeners will be interested in Dunn's tips on drying and storing herbs for winter use.

Whether you want to add a few culinary herbs to the vegetable garden or plant them as ornamentals along with your perennials, you'll find the perfect herb for your needs in this book. Reviewed by Pat Regel.

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