Perennials have taken the gardening community by storm for the past ten years, and interest in them does not appear to be declining. This is probably because unlike annuals, which must be planted yearly, perennials are planted only once and continue to get bigger and better as years pass. If you're already interested in perennials but wonder which plants are best for your particular growing situation, 100 Favorite Perennials by Teri Dunn will help.

In addition to full-color photos, each entry contains the plant's vital statistics: its bloom time, height, width, light requirements, hardiness range, and landscaping suggestions. There is also important information on choosing plants that will survive in your zone, a Hardiness Zone Map, basic perennial care, tips for buying healthy plants, planting potted and bareroot plants, and dividing perennials to increase your stock. If you prefer to purchase your plants through the mail, the author also provides a list of mail-order sources.

Because there are so many perennials available in garden centers and catalogues, choosing the right one for your yard can seem like an overwhelming task. 100 Favorite Perennials takes the uncertainty out of your first purchases by recommending the most dependable and easiest perennials to grow.

Reviewed by Pat Regel.

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