When 29-year-old Delilah Darling reads in The New York Post that the average person has 10.5 sexual partners in a lifetime, Delilah decides to do a little counting of her own. She's holding steady at 19 that is, until the day she gets fired from her production job on a Martha Stewart-esque television show and wakes up the next day hung over and in bed next to her smarmy ex-boss. Refusing to exceed the sexual status quo, Delilah takes her severance check and spends it on a cross-country drive down memory lane, visiting each of her previous partners in hopes she can make it work with one of them.

In 20 Times a Lady, author Karyn Bosnak guides her readers on this tour of past loves with a heaping dose of humor and heart. Her first book, Save Karyn, was an autobiographical account of her successful appeal to strangers (via the Internet) to help her pay off her credit card debt, and Bosnak here proves her ability to create a fictional character every bit as endearing as she was able to make herself. Though the obvious ending can be seen from a mile away (could the love she had been looking for have been in front of her the whole time?), readers will still root for Delilah in her quest to beat the odds.

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