As a newly minted med-school grad, Shelley Green finds herself installed at a pediatric practice on Manhattan's wealthy Upper East Side in the hilarious 24-Karat Kids. She quickly finds her lifelong desire to heal at odds with the lifestyles of the newly rich and not-necessarily famous as weekends in the Hamptons and invitations to cocktail parties make her fiancŽ (and her old life) pale in comparison. Seduced by her new lifestyle (complete with a plush apartment and a hot heir-to-a-fortune boyfriend) and physically transformed by the demands of her job from an overweight girl from Queens to a sleek, sophisticated and sought-after physician, Shelley initially revels in her quick jaunt up the social ladder, but comes to realize that things on Park Avenue are rarely as perfect as they seem.

Real-life top doc Judy Goldstein and fiction writer Sebastian Stuart (The Mentor) make a fair pair. In this Nanny Diaries for the med set, they poke fun at the absurdity of modern hyper-parenting from a mother who needs to be taught to use a vacuum after being told that it would soothe her colicky baby, to an ex-actress seeking a nose job for her infant. For readers looking for a laugh, this is just what the doctor ordered.

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