In 50 Best Girlfriends Getaways in North America, travel expert Marybeth Bond outlines a bevy of flexible female friendly itineraries that will allow you the time you need to really reconnect. When women vacation together, Bond notes, whether it's a whirlwind weekend in the Big Apple or a week-long canoe trip along the Maine coast, what we want most of all is to be together, to catch up, unwind, laugh, have fun, and nurture ourselves and each other. When female family bonding is the goal, Bond advises carefully choosing an excellent destination such as Charleston, South Carolina, where she says, you'd be hard pressed to find a hotel, activity, historical site, or restaurant that won't knock everyone's socks off even your finicky sister's. Bond's guide, in addition to lodging and dining sections, suggests to-do ideas relevant to each destination, such as Neighborhoods for Strolling, Events to Fly in For, Thrift and Vintage Clothing and Must-See Museums. There are personal narratives from other women who have taken the travel together plunge and a good sprinkling of practical tips on packing, safety, room sharing and budgeting.

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