Misery loves company If you, or someone you know, has the dating game blues50 Boyfriends Worse Than Yours by Justin Racz can lighten things up with its oh-so-apropos photos of 50 boyfriend types and their hilarious accompanying bios. For example, there's the Tortured Artist, who's very sweet and thoughtful when the inner demons and voices in his head subside. His place is cluttered with mannequins, dolls, paint, love letters, mason jars filled with his own tears, and unpaid bills, and though one of his benefits is being a generous gift giver during courtship, one of his drawbacks is that those gifts include Popsicle sticks glued together. Other boyfriends not on the A-list include Mister Sensitive Tattoo Man, Better Looking Than You, Roommate Turned Boyfriend, and Man with Cats. Hey, wait! That's who I'm dating! Linda Stankard writes from Nanuet, New York.

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