Those investors still recovering from the burst of the dotcom bubble will appreciate Active Investing: Take Charge of Your Portfolio in Today's Unpredictable Markets. Author Peter Sander, an MBA who has written Value Investment for Dummies, among other finance books, believes that the new and forever-changed financial climate requires active investing, which means staying on top of the bull no matter which way it bolts. This guide is written for the highly motivated amateur who has the time to check into the markets a few times a day, but doesn't want to get caught up in trends and excesses. Active Investing includes chapters on solid print and online investment resources; trading tools and techniques; designing a portfolio of blended vehicles including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options and value investing; as well as day trading, swing trading and a specialized investing potpourri. Sander's approach isn't for the casual or lazy investor, but could help the time-compromised find a way to keep their fingers in the market without getting burned.

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