More than 30 years have come and gone since the inception of the women's movement. In a complete role reversal, some women are now bringing home more income than their partners are. Author Jane Heller explores this issue in her romantic comedy, An Ex to Grind.

After her divorce from ex-pro football star Dan Swain, successful financial planner Melanie Banks seethes about the court-ordered alimony that lets him continue to live the high life and forces her to rent a meager apartment in Hell's Kitchen. There's one loophole: Melanie is off the hook if Dan cohabits with another woman for 90 days, so she employs a high-end matchmaker to get Dan off her payroll. After a series of failed matches, Dan falls for a gorgeous veterinarian and undergoes a complete transformation: toning up, partying less and searching for a coaching job. Melanie can't believe how much he's changed, and soon finds herself attracted to Dan all over again. But is it real love, or nostalgia? Witty, romantic and insightful, Heller's latest offering is a true delight. Readers of all ages will identify with Melanie as the woman scorned who searches her soul to find true purpose in her life.

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