While there's simply no comparison to the classic Animal Farm, Kenneth A. Tucker and Vandana Allman's Animals, Inc. is full of clever wordplay and funny, lovable characters. The team that created the bestsellers First, Break All the Rules and Now, Discover Your Strengths tells the story of what happens on the farm after Farmer Goode moves on to Greener Pasture Retirement. After considering relocating to a petting zoo, the animals decide to take a stab at running the farm themselves and elect Mo the pig Chief Executive Animal. Mo reads the latest and greatest business books (except, of course, Bringing Home the Bacon), but his well-meaning attempts at adopting competency exams, stock options and extensive employee training fail dismally. After rule #5 "Everyone should be well rounded" is painted on the side of the barn, the Scarecrow is promoted to laying eggs in the henhouse while the crow is put in charge of protecting the fields. The moral is clear: Put people in jobs that make the most of their strengths, then give them support and recognition. It's a simple concept, and the animals make it easy to see and understand the importance of managing a diversity of skills and talents.

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