Henry Hammer is in big trouble, and he needs your help. Henry is the auctioneer at a big art auction house, and the night before a major auction, he receives an anonymous tip with horrible news some of the paintings in his auction have been stolen and replaced with fakes! He has received crucial information to help identify the thieves, but he needs to know which paintings are the forgeries. That's where you come in. Take out a pencil and paper, and sharpen the lead as well as your eyes; you're about to embark on an Art Auction Mystery.

Anna Nilsen has created a mystery, a puzzle and an art lesson, all rolled into one. Cleverly illustrated and presented, Art Auction Mystery enables children ages 9-12 to peruse a gallery of famous paintings while comparing them with photographs of the originals to ferret out the forgeries (not to worry, it's not as difficult as it sounds). If you have a child with an inquisitive streak, one who likes puzzles as well as art, then Art Auction Mystery is a winner.

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