Let's start at the very beginning with Baby Must-Haves: The Essential Guide to Everything from Cribs to Bibs. Parenting magazine has long been the voice of reason for moms and dads alike. Now, hooray, they are offering the ultimate, comprehensive resource for all your baby needs. Do you really have to have that wipes warmer? (Answer: no, but it would be nice.) Can you forgo that bulky activity saucer, or neglecta-tron as we fondly used to call it? (Answer: an emphatic NO, you cannot.) The editors of Parenting have it all covered, in a nice, soft fleecy blanket way. They've gathered information from the ultimate authorities, Moms All Over the Country, who know whereof they speak. This guide is packed, like an overstuffed diaper bag, with product lists, mom tips and checklists. It's nothing short of a godsend.

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