In the third book in her Chesapeake Shores trilogy, author Sherryl Woods takes readers back to Maryland and a small-town beach community with warm yet complicated family relationships.

The only girl among the O’Brien siblings, Susie O’Brien has spent more than a year “not dating” Mack Franklin while they’re spending every spare moment together. Her family is confused, and she’s ready to move past their just-friends status. Mack feels the same, but when he’s about to turn up the heat in their relationship, he loses his job as a sports reporter. Reeling from the shock, he’s barely absorbed the impact when Susie is slammed with a diagnosis that’s devastating.

While their once-idyllic world threatens to crumble into chaos about them, the two struggle to come to terms with a radically changed view of the future. The O’Brien clan rallies around them, but the depth of their love and commitment will be tested to the limit. Will they survive the storms that challenge them? Woods tugs on the heartstrings with this endearing romance and readers will find much to enjoy in this charming love story.


Lois Dyer writes from Washington.

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