Man can be a dog's best friend In 1982, a group of men and women banded together to buy a ranch in southwest Utah's rugged canyon country. They came from diverse occupations and hometowns, but these young people shared a common goal: to spare the lives of homeless animals and provide them with a secure, loving refuge. Nearly 20 years later, Angel Canyon, Utah, is home to the country's largest sanctuary for abused and abandoned animals. Kensington Publishing, best known for its romance line, has decided to tell this remarkable and touching story in Best Friends, a new book by Samantha Glen, with a foreword by Mary Tyler Moore. In convincing narrative style, Glen describes the beginnings of the Best Friends program and introduces us to some of the amazing animals they saved. There's Sinjin, a black cat who had been doused with gasoline and set on fire; Victor, a shepherd left chained and abandoned by his owners, who became the "dogfather" of the sanctuary; and Tyson, a tomcat who protected his blind brother. Animal lovers everywhere will want to read this book for its inspiring stories and for an introduction to the no-kill movement, which is working to stop the slaughter of millions of homeless pets every year.

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