In Ted Dekker's latest novel, Black, Thomas Hunter is running away from attackers in Denver when a bullet clips him and his world goes black. He wakes up in another world with a green forest and meets a beautiful woman, Rachelle. In this other world, Hunter learns things he could not possibly know such as the creation of the Raison virus by an evil industrialist who plans to use it to dominate world leaders. Each time Hunter sleeps, he moves between the two worlds, and becomes increasingly uncertain about which one is real. With a story reminiscent of The Matrix or The Lord of the Rings, Black will amaze readers as unexpected connections between the worlds are revealed. Expected to be a hit in both the Christian and secular markets, Black is the first part of a trilogy the next entries, Red and White, will be published later this year. Author and editor W. Terry Whalin has always loved a good story.

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