You know Blue's Clues if you have children. The animated show on Nickelodeon aims to make its eight million preschool-age viewers laugh, play and think. But what does a show with a dancing dog have to do with business? The number one show for preschoolers now airs in 60 countries and has spawned enough books, videos, CDs and clothing to generate $1 billion in sales in 2000 alone. Maybe the show's lessons aren't just for those under age 5.

Blue's Clues for Success: The Eight Secrets Behind A Phenomenal Business by Diane Tracy chronicles the personal story of the amazingly creative artists behind the show and serves as a primer on how to define mission, research, customer base, work processes and technology. Tracy, who has worked as a creativity coach for many Fortune 500 companies, spells out, simply and effectively, the eight principles behind the show's phenomenal success. (1. Mobilize the energy in your organization by turning your MISSION into a mantra. 6. BRAND your product or company. Know what you want to be and live up to it.) Follow these clues to find your own success.

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