Have any of you baseball fans seen the television commercial in which two guys flit about the country going from ballpark to ballpark spending money with wild abandon? Irritating, isn't it? I figure they're either spending daddy's money or they're a couple of dot.com millionaires.

If you actually work for a living and can only afford to take in one or two Major League games a year, there's another way you can see every single ballpark and you don't need a major credit card to do it.

Blue Skies, Green Fields: A Celebration of 50 Major League Baseball Stadiums, is 228 pages of color photos, quotes and memorabilia describing the history, surroundings, players and quirks of every single ballpark in the league. Author Ira Rosen packs each chapter with interesting insights and tidbits about the boys of summer and their halls. There are even chapters about the classic parks that no longer exist, so you can actually go back in time. Try doing that with a 2 x 3 inch piece of plastic.

The way I figure it, you can go see all the ballparks like the guys in the commercial and spend a minimum of $500 a pop that's over $13,000! And it could take months! Or you can curl up in your chair and see them all in one evening for a lot less. Priceless.


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