Each January, people across America vow to get into better shape, then beat themselves up when they fail to maintain their resolutions. The latest fitness books work with this tendency, stressing quicker, more efficient workouts that boost willpower for life-changing results. Those needing a bit of boot camp will like the style of personal trainer Bob Greene, the magician behind Oprah's smaller shape. Bob Greene's Total Body Makeover: An Accelerated Program of Exer-cise and Nutrition for Maximum Results in Minimum Time doesn't sugarcoat the get-moving message. Taking responsibility might simply mean that you admit that you've been lazy and have chosen the easy way out every time, Greene writes. Echoing the latest trend in weight loss, his 12-week program starts with the emotional and mental cornerstones of successful change including willingness, responsibility and commitment. A traditional daily strength-training and aerobic program follows, with detailed floor exercises, weight-machine alternatives and pictures to guide good form. Chapters on the five eating rules and detailed analysis of popular diets, plus charts for weekly goals, target heart rate and other number-crunching features, are also included. Those who love to keep score and those aiming for dramatic long-term results might find Greene's supportive but no-nonsense approach just the ticket. Deanna Larson is a writer in Nashville.

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