Topping our list of some of the best children's poetry is Jeff Moss's Bone Poems (illustrated by Tom Leigh, all ages), a rhyming-licious collection of poems inspired by the bones of dinosaurs and early mammals at the American Museum of Natural History, near the author's New York City home. The book is rip-roaring fun, as you can tell from this excerpt from "America, the Beautiful Home of Dinosaurs": In the time we call Cretaceous, Skies were beautiful and spacious But there were no deer or antelope at play.

Yet Triceratops were roaming Through the hills of old Wyoming There were dinosaurs throughout the U.S.


Moss, one of the original creators of Sesame Street, wrote the song "Rubber Duckie" as well as the music and lyrics for The Muppets Take Manhattan. He does for dinosaur poems what Miss Piggy does for swine.

Reviewed by Alice Cary.

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