<b>A woman's home is her castle</b> Vanessa Summers' <b>Buying Solo: The Single Woman's Guide to Buying a First Home</b> is perfect for women agonizing over the right time to buy. This purse-sized volume encourages women to get into the market, taking charge of their houses and lives instead of waiting for Mr. Right to build the castle. Summers, the author of another great little volume called <i>Get in the Game! The Girl's Guide to Money and Investing</i>, covers the major topics that confuse potential homeowners: credit reports, mortgages and finding the right real estate agent. She also offers good tips on how to determine where to buy and how to negotiate when making a first offer. <b>Buying Solo</b> is for readers who've been toying with the idea of buying but don't know enough to get in the game.

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