When it comes to unraveling the mysteries of canine behavior, dog rehabilitator Cesar Millan seems to have a sixth sense. In Cesar's Way: The Natural Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems, he shares the techniques that have earned him celebrity clients like Nicholas Cage and Will Smith and made his TV show, The Dog Whisperer, the top-rated program on the National Geographic channel. Cesar's Way covers the basics of canine conduct and contains the kind of insights that only Millan, who came to the U.S. from his native Mexico in 1990, could contribute. The Dog Whisperer says he has noticed a unique neediness in the canines he's encountered in this country, who struggle with their owner's lovingly motivated but ultimately destructive efforts to transform them into four-legged people with fur. Millan expands on this idea here, looking at the motivations and desires that drive dogs and helping readers understand the canine mindset. According to Millan, communication is the key to creating a strong human-animal bond, and he offers plenty of tips on how people can connect with their dogs. Cesar's Way provides invaluable information on dog-related issues like separation anxiety, aggression and pack mentality. If you're a frustrated pet owner, Cesar's Way will put your and your pet on the road to improvement. Julie Hale tends to her dog Howdy in Waynesville, North Carolina.

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