Cinderella is perhaps the fairy tale most often retold. For her part, Barbara McClintock was inspired to retell and illustrate Cinderella after a trip to Paris. Using the Charles Perrault version as her starting point, McClintock has based her palace on Versailles, and all the costumes in the book reflect France in the era of Louis XIV. While young readers may not recognize these details, they are sure to be enthralled by the humorous depiction of the stepsisters, as well as the lavish gown Cinderella wears to the ball. McClintock, who has illustrated The Gingerbread Man and Goldilocks and The Three Bears, was also inspired by her cat, Pip, who makes appearances on many of the pages of this lovely book.

Deborah Hopkinson's picture book, Apples to Oregon, was recently named a finalist for the Oregon Book Award.

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