Max Lucado may be the most recognizable Christian author on the planet. His 50-plus books have sold more than 39 million copies and have been translated into more than 20 languages. A quick glance at his latest work, Come Thirsty, will reveal the reason for Lucado's popularity: bite-sized chapters filled with folksy stories that succinctly illustrate his insightful, spiritual points. Comparing spiritual dryness with physical dehydration, Lucado declares soul-thirst resulting in fear, anxiety, hopelessness and resentment to be one of the most common and under-diagnosed ailments in America. The good news, he says, is that there is a well of living water. And Lucado invites, encourages and even commands us to drink our fill. The result of imbibing this spiritual libation is joy, peace and confidence. As an added bonus the book includes a chapter-by-chapter study guide suitable for individual or small group study.

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