For classroom use or summer afternoon arts and crafts time, Kathy Ross's Crafts from Your Favorite Fairy Tales, illustrated by Vicky Enright is a clever, creative companion title. While the actual tales are not included in the book, this selection of craft projects inspired by 20 of the most widely read fairy tales is designed to encourage both exploration and expression in young readers. Using everyday household or craft store items, the projects can be done by kindergartners with some help, or can be elaborated upon or adapted by older children.

Puzzles, a story theater, and an especially charming sleepy Seven Dwarfs egg carton bed are all outlined in easy-to-follow instructions. Even the traditional puppet is here given a face-lift, whether it be Rapunzel peeking out from her a paper tube tower, or Cinderella, transformed from rags to riches with a simple turn of the hand. The design of this collection provides hands-on experience for children and a place to give creative voice to the themes and feelings conjured up by the timelessness of fairy tales.

Reviewed by Denise Yagel Oliveri.

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